Well, I am happy to say that Mother Nature seems to be back on tract. After the 20 inch snow storm we all began to wonder.

Oh well, many Tenants at Acorn Hill shared memories of the storms they endured when they were young, like trudging through the snow when you couldn’t see the barn from the house and you knew you had to get there for the livestock. No fancy furnaces in those days just a wood burning stove and a wood box to be filled twice a day. Wally Rozella talked about the cook stove in the kitchen his family had when he was a boy and that he would stand in front of and get dressed so he could go out the barn where the cows kept it warm. We all decided that memories are better when shared 50 years later.

Speaking of sharing. It was a busy March at The Hill. Donna Muller’s Son, Mike, Daughter, Jennifer and Trapper came and were a hit at our St. Patrick’s Day Dance /Party. We all thank them for sharing their wonderful musical talent. Of course, the Irish Coffee and Corn Beef and Cabbage Potato’s and Irish Soda Bread was So Good. And what would St. Patrick’s Day be like without Green Beer and some Blarney. Once again Craig from 2’s Company was so generous with his Irish Chicken Wings and Pot of Gold Meatballs. Thanks again Craig.

Did you know that March 14th was National Pie Day? Well the Tenants if Acorn Hill took the responsibility of celebrating and tasted every pie put before them.

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and we are planning a fun luncheon for our dedicated Volunteers. We will tell you all about next month.

This month we welcomed Sunny Igl & his wife Lenore, Mr. Alan Albrecht and wife Dorothy, Mrs. Marjorie Gibson, and Mrs. Margaret Maier. We are happy to have you join the Acorn Hill family.
We share our condolences to the family of Lenore Igl, while her time us was short she made a wonderful impression on us all. We also bid farewell to Dolores Swedowski. Her gentle smile and so sweet disposition will be greatly missed.

Remember this: Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together.

Until we talk again,