Read what our tenants say about us.

I have my own home here. I can come and go as I please and any time I need any kind of help there is always someone available to help me. I see so many people, I don’t get lonesome anymore like I did living all alone at home in the country. ~ Ellie T

I feel like family living here. Everyone knows you and the staff always have time to sit a minute and talk with me. I can tell they like to work here. ~ Helen H.

I have been here since the first day they opened. The girls help me with whatever I need. I can’t count all the parties and celebrations I have enjoyed over the last 8 years. ~ Martha M.

Trust is important when you place your loved one in any kind of Assisted Living Community. My brother was at home at Acorn Hill. He was surrounded by friends. I never had to worry about him, and I appreciated the love and care he received. The Lord is in that place you can see it and feel it. ~ Mary Kregel

I used to be and still am a volunteer here at Acorn Hill I knew that someday when the time came I would want to live here. My sister died here and I saw firsthand the love and care she received rite up to the end. Now I am here and I feel safe and cared about. ~ Hattie K